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Is Lack Of Funding Holding You Back From Trading Consistency?

With our new Funded Trader Program, we give you our funds to trade with… So you get the chance you deserve to shine as a full-time, professional, consistent trader.

You’ve got the trading talent. You’re way past the amateurs and the posers. There’s no point in being modest when you’ve truly got the skills, right? But still, there’s something holding you back from reaching that level of consistency, making it just barely, frustratingly, achingly out of reach: Lack of funding.

Don’t Let Lack Of Funds Keep You From Having The Trading Lifestyle You Desire

If you know, deep down, that if you only had enough money to fully fund your trading account you would be conquering the trading world, then this program might be for you.

You will have to prove yourself first…

As you can imagine, we can’t just hand over our multi-million-dollar accounts to any trader who ‘thinks’ he’s good enough.  You’re going to have to show us you can learn our proven methods.  But rest assured, you could prove you’re ready for funding in as little as 16 weeks.

If you need to take longer, that’s ok too.  We have a special trade tracking tool you can turn on to track results anytime you’re ready to demonstrate 6 weeks of consistent performance (not 100% wins).  You can even reset your six weeks if you have a big losing streak and need more mentoring before trying again.

Would You Like A Salary, Commissions, Or A Combination Of Both?

That’s what we’ll ask you when you complete our foundation program and demonstrate 6 weeks of profitable trades in our Advanced Trading Group.  Because that’s when we’ll know you’ve got the right stuff.  We’ll also give you more guidance and mentoring for trading with our techniques.  And what’s more, we’ll give you the funds – our funds – to do so.

Once you have qualified, you’ll love our Funded Trader Program:

  • Get small group and 1:1 mentoring:  We leave no one to fend for themselves.  You’ll get regular input and help from mentors, so you can earn great salaries and commissions without having to risk your own money, or work in a stuffy office.
  • Trade with our money:  Quickly go from a-few-thousand-dollar accounts to several million.  As your performance rises, so does your funding. It’s 100% up to you.
  • Go completely at your own pace:  This is not a j-o-b.  There’s no boss hounding you for performance.  No time-sucking meetings.  No asking for permission to use the bathroom.  You work from home at your pace.  Because if you’re motivated enough to invest in yourself and qualify for funding, we know you’ll be plenty motivated to keep learning and earning.

There Are No Free Lunches In Life, But The Opportunity We’ll Give You Is Extraordinary

If you want to use our money to trade with, you’re going to have to invest in learning our methods and tools, and prove you can apply what you learn.  Once you do?  You can be funded in as little as 16 weeks.  You just need the self-motivation to show us what you can do once that last major obstacle to your success – lack of funding – is removed.

If that’s you, simply fill in the form below. And you’ll instantly get complete details & pricing about our proven institution-grade training & real-time software suite that is required to be considered for funding.

I’m Ready To Be Consistent!

  • Watch full training & software videos
  • See pricing & results from other traders

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