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The Quiet Order Flow Trading Killer

I have no doubt you want to see your dream of being a profitable order flow trader come to fruition. And the very fact you’re on this site tells me you’re also willing to invest the time and effort required to make it happen. There is, however, an insidious threat that may silently undermine your efforts.

“Bad Price Interpretation”

‘Bad price interpretation’ is what causes you (and 95% of retail traders) to continually chase false institutional moves. Over and over again market noise talks you into a position you’re sure will be a winner.

Then “Look Out!”

The market makes a hairpin turn, and you’re miles away from your position. So you’re forced to watch others rake in profits from the sideline. Or even worse, you refuse to take your lumps and try to chase the price. Either way, bad price interpretation has left you second guessing your moves once again.

Bad Price Interpretation Causes You To Misread Other Order Flow Fundamentals Too

  • You misread whom the order flow players are (just because you ignore sharks in the ocean, doesn’t mean they won’t eat unsuspecting retail traders)
  • You misread where to enter the market for the highest probability, lowest risk setup (Prime Trade Location)
  • You misread the order book, or refuse to use it
  • You misread where profitable trade locations are due to indicators and methods that only give you part of the picture
  • You misread the room your stop losses need, which increases your risk

I Get You’re Not Sabotaging Yourself On Purpose

You want to be smart and consistent about your order flow trading but you just do not get consistent results. The market always seems to react different than your data and trade plan.

You’ve no doubt tried multiple trading strategies (momentum strategy, volume spread analyzers, supply and demand and pure price action). You’ve also tried every indicator you can afford to take the guess work out. And let’s not forget the hundreds of free and paid webinars you’ve sat through from trading gurus.

There Are Reasons Most Order Flow Strategies Don’t Work

  • Tons of theory, with very little practical parts you can master (unless you cough up $1,000s more to learn some secret system)
  • The methods are proven only in sim accounts (not real money)
  • Internal materials and actual methods don’t match their theory
  • Need an MBA to understand the material, or it’s kindergarten simple
  • The tool or method doesn’t fit your entire strategy, or markets you trade
  • It virtually ignores institutions in the game plan, so your tiny trades get destroyed by their moves

What To Do?

The first thing you can do is recognize you’re not alone in making these order flow trading mistakes. It’s part of learning / being willing to learn what profitable order flow trading pros know. Your ultimate success won’t come from not falling into the bad interpretation trap: It’ll come because you’ll have found a way out of it.

And If You Don’t?

  • You’ll always second guess opportunities with the best risk / reward ratios
  • Block trade and trade imbalance setups will continue to deceive you
  • You’ll overlay indicators as filters that are useless
  • You’ll have a chart with 20 things to watch, but miss the 1 real piece of information you most need

That’s why you need to start getting out of these traps now. Make a commitment to yourself to stop chasing shiny new indicators and pricey one-trick pony systems. Get educated on the order flow trading fundamentals first, and the mysteries of making consistent profits will finally be resolved.

Our Free Order Flow Basics Mini-Course Is A Great Place To Start

You’ll start to learn how to solve many of the problems listed on this page like: who the players are, trade location, stop losses (list from mini-course).

If you’ve already done this one, there’s a free tape reading mini-course too.

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