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How Our Funded Trading Program Works

Most traders struggle to become full-time traders for two reasons: they trade against institutions instead of with them, and they lack funding. NOFT’s unique, pro-grade, trader training and funding program solves both of these problems.

Here’s how it works…


Buy The Institutional Edge System

Complete our Institutional Edge System 9-Module Master Class. And learn our proven 8-step trading model and the next-level, real-time institution-grade tools that go with it. Once you’re done, you’ll finally have the skills and tools to earn a professional, full-time income from any Futures, Stock, ETF market you want.

Everyone must own this to get funding. See if the Institutional Edge System is right for you.

Then, either stay in the Institutional Edge System, or add…


Add The Advanced Trading Group For Quicker, Better, Faster Results

The Advanced Trading Group adds live training, mentoring and trade analysis to the Institutional Edge System. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to track trades for 6 weeks to qualify for funding. There is no obligation to qualify for funding.

But you must be a member of this group if you want funding. Some traders who don’t want funding are happy to just use the IES and ATG programs to become profitable full-time traders. See if Advanced Trading Group is right for you.

In as little as 16 weeks you can qualify for funding. Using our trade tracker tool, show 6 weeks of hitting our reasonable performance requirements and you are instantly put into…


Track Your Trades & Qualify For Funding

The Funded Trader Program. Once you qualify for funding through the ATG we provide additional mentoring and start to fund you, based on performance, up to 10 levels (from a few thousand to several million dollars).

Your performance dictates how fast and how much we give you. We are fully prepared to help the right people trade our multi-million dollar accounts. See if the Funded Trader Program is right for you.

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