Accept This Trading Truth To Turn Your Trading Around

By NOFT Traders

A standing truth about who’s in charge – from the last place you want to hear it.

It happened on BBC a few years ago. Watching it now on YouTube will make your stomach turn.
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Uncovering evidence of a reversal through triangulation

By NOFT Traders

Track down reversals with the entries and exits you deserve!

A smashed window and a stolen cellphone. The crime itself wasn’t all that extraordinary or ingenious. Continue Reading →

Trade with the high rollers by spotting block trades

By NOFT Traders

Push your chips in, or fold alongside the high rollers – not against them!

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Have a ripcord ready for safe exits with COT

By NOFT Traders

Land your trades safely with profits in hand thanks to COT.

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Profit when price dams break by using long-term volume profiles

By NOFT Traders

Be there to profit when history repeats itself and the price dam breaks.

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Break the code of trending markets and save your account

By NOFT Traders

Decode a trending market before it torpedoes your profits.

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What The World’s Worst Gun And Your Static Setups Have In Common

By NOFT Traders

Don’t let static set-ups lead you to deadly misfires, like the Type 94.

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Is America’s greatest unsolved cipher your key to massive trading profits?

By NOFT Traders

The truth behind Beale’s elusive cipher holds the key to your trading profits.

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How To Swim In The Futures Market Without Drowning In The Institutional Rip Current

By NOFT Traders

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