Seek refuge with high volume when price is hot on your trade’s tail

By NOFT Traders

When price turns on you, seek the refuge you need for profits!

April 13th, 1726. John William, also known as the Baron de Ripperda. It was a bad day to say the least Continue Reading →


Profit when scorned traders are left holding the bag

By NOFT Traders

Don’t let the drama of jilted traders pass you by. Profit from their unfinished business.

Beloved by the people, part of a royal alliance with Spain Continue Reading →


Trade with the high rollers by spotting block trades

By NOFT Traders

Push your chips in, or fold alongside the high rollers – not against them!

It’s not the ten gallon hat. It’s not the Texas-sized smile. Continue Reading →


Are your entries dead on arrival — and you don’t even know it?

By NOFT Traders

Keep an eye on your market’s vitals with Volume at Price.

It’s a scene straight out of the hit show ER. The ambulance backs up, Continue Reading →


Have a ripcord ready for safe exits with COT

By NOFT Traders

Land your trades safely with profits in hand thanks to COT.

It was supposed to be nothing but fun and laughs. Continue Reading →


Profit when price dams break by using long-term volume profiles

By NOFT Traders

Be there to profit when history repeats itself and the price dam breaks.

March 12, 1928. The St. Francis Dam in San Francisquito Canyon, just outside Los Angeles. Continue Reading →


Break the code of trending markets and save your account

By NOFT Traders

Decode a trending market before it torpedoes your profits.

World War II, 1942. The Germans were at the height of their power Continue Reading →


Avoid getting shot down by steering clear of no man’s land using value

By NOFT Traders

Don’t make your move without knowing where the value zone is!

The battle of Somme. The first great offensive of World War I Continue Reading →


Eject from catastrophic trades with Advanced Trade Management

By NOFT Traders

When a trade catches fire, have a safety ejection lever that gets pulled for you!

A beautiful day for a flight at Mach 4. You’d have it no other way, Continue Reading →