Running with the bulls while others get gored

By NOFT Traders

Avoid getting trampled by running with the driving force in your market!

It had been on your bucket list and seemed like such a great idea to you and your friends. Continue Reading →

Breathing life into a trade that’s flirting with death

By NOFT Traders

Keep your trades alive with Order Flow Sequence Tracking vitals!

It couldn’t have looked worse. The front of the car was folded in like an accordion Continue Reading →

Uncovering evidence of a reversal through triangulation

By NOFT Traders

Track down reversals with the entries and exits you deserve!

A smashed window and a stolen cellphone. The crime itself wasn’t all that extraordinary or ingenious. Continue Reading →

Getting inside the flying fortress of institutional trades

By NOFT Traders

Don’t ignore the power driving massive institutional positions – fly with it!

You can’t miss it, unless you’re blind, deaf and have no sense of feeling. Continue Reading →

Using projections to read the wind behind a trend

By NOFT Traders

Don’t overlook the prevailing wind when lining up your entry.

When the greatest golfer in the world steps to the tee with a major title on the line, Continue Reading →

Seek refuge with high volume when price is hot on your trade’s tail

By NOFT Traders

When price turns on you, seek the refuge you need for profits!

April 13th, 1726. John William, also known as the Baron de Ripperda. It was a bad day to say the least Continue Reading →

Profit when scorned traders are left holding the bag

By NOFT Traders

Don’t let the drama of jilted traders pass you by. Profit from their unfinished business.

Beloved by the people, part of a royal alliance with Spain Continue Reading →

Trade with the high rollers by spotting block trades

By NOFT Traders

Push your chips in, or fold alongside the high rollers – not against them!

It’s not the ten gallon hat. It’s not the Texas-sized smile. Continue Reading →

Are your entries dead on arrival — and you don’t even know it?

By NOFT Traders

Keep an eye on your market’s vitals with Volume at Price.

It’s a scene straight out of the hit show ER. The ambulance backs up, Continue Reading →