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If Mentoring And Funding Are Your Two Biggest Trading Obstacles… We Can Help

The NOFT team is made up of highly respected institutional trading figures in the professional trading world. With decades of experience, they’ve been top performers in premier Prop firms in the US and Europe. They’ve headed trading for investment banks, hedge funds, commercial banks, and insurance risk management.

The NOFT team specializes in training traders. They’ve created the ultimate program that does just that — takes hopeful traders and professionally educates them to make them the best traders they can be.

What Type Of Trader Does Our Training 
(And Funding) Work Best For?

The type of day, future and e-mini traders who get the most out of our unique training, tools and opportunities share the following characteristics:

  • You dream of being a full-time trader; it’s what you love to do.
  • You know you could make great profits from the markets, if you only had the right training and the right tools.
  • You’re not satisfied with the level of success you’ve had – sporadic, up and down, inconsistent.
  • You’ve got the committment to work for something you know will bring you results.
  • You’re sick of being told it’s your fault if their “pushbutton” system doesn’t work out for you.
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself, your career, and the realizable promise of a great future for you and your family.
  • You’d love the chance to prove yourself with us – and to ultimately be able to trade with our funds – from anywhere in the world.
  • You’re ready to stop dreaming and finally become the most profitable trader you can be.

What Makes NOFT Different?

NOFT teaches you everything you need to know to be consistent in Futures, Stock, ETF trading – Using Order Flow Sequences. Without Order Flow Sequences, you’re constantly trading against the institutional traders (and losing). Once you master Order Flow Sequence Tracking, you trade with them for a chance at greater consistency!

We give you all the tools. Deep, applicable knowledge taught in a way that sticks with you. 23 NinjaTrader tools the pros use that make trading so much easier, quicker and more consistent. Live training, chat sessions, mentoring; all the support you need.

We give you the unprecedented chance to trade with our funds. When you show us you’ve mastered what we teach — we fund your trades. As your performance rises while trading our money, so does your funding. It’s all in your hands.

Are You Ready To Realize Consistency In Your Trading?

Then your next best step is to visit our “How Funding Works” page. Or, learn more about The Institutional Edge System here.

Yours in trading,

The NOFT Team

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